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The origin of the Foreign Links Campus could be traced to the establishment of the Centre for Professional Studies and Distance Learning in Nigeria by Dr. Fola Akinosun. The Center was established as a non- governmental organization to create access to tertiary education, especially, for under privileged jamb applicants and children of the common Nigerians. The idea was as a result of the realization of huge expenses and trouble involved in the process of gaining university admission for common people in Nigeria. In fact, as at the year 2000 and before then, higher/ tertiary education was a very rare opportunity in Nigeria. The Center for Distance Learning was Approved by the Federal Government under the Company and Allied matter decree of 1990 vide certificate No Bn 25163 issued in the year 2002 with the head office of the center at No 62, Mayfair Roundabout, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

The centre at first served as the admission agent to Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma (sandwich degree programme). And later, the University of Ibadan Distance Learning Center. The name “Foreign Links” was adopted when the Nigeria local Universities had to wind up with sandwich and satellite campuses at the instance of the policy of the (NUC) Nigeria Universities Commission. At this time, admission into the regular and conventional University system in Nigeria was still very difficultly for under privileged people. Admission applicants would have to be on the streets for between two to three years after secondary education before admission into a tertiary education would click. In fact, it is always a survival of the fittest. As if nature is being unkind to the Admission seekers, it is at the same time that the applicants get natured and exposed to danger of unwanted pregnancies and other social vices. Many don’t make it again once they fall victim.

The proprietor of the Centre; Dr. Fola Akinosun then came up with a new idea that the Centre could link Nigerian Applicants up with foreign school admission, it works, and then came the opportunity to have links to schools in Benin Republic, Russia, London and France. These brought about another problem of language. The Foreign Links School of Foreign Languages, Arts, Sciences and Management was therefore established in the year 2006.

Ile-Ife campus of the defunct College of Arts and Sciences of old Oyo State Government was approved for the use of the Centre for Professional Studies and Distance Learning. The vacant facilities at the government schools is comparable to what obtains in any polytechnic or college of education by Nigeria standard.

The expenses on renovation of the school was so much, but, the defunct school which was overgrown with weed, and trees growing in the classrooms and was a hide out to criminals, soon became a lifely campus. This was possible only with support of some people who share our vision. We have to mention the contributions of the then Osun State Commissioner for Education Mrs. O. T. Famoriyo who did wonderfully well. Our dream come true would have been more difficult without the support of Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola of Osun State and the likes of Mr. Folusho Onwumi Alao, Alhaji O.L Adenle and Mr. A. A Akinola who individually as permanent secretaries to the Osun State ministry of Education gave their unreserved supports in no small measure. Same with, Dr. Boladale Oyeniran of the Planning Department of the Osun State ministry of Education. At a time in the year 2007, Dr. Fola Akinosun came up with another view he said “we need to teach teachers who will teach people even at the time when we become tired” And an Application for the Foreign Links College of Education was submitted to the Government of Nigeria vide Application to the NCCE, Abuja. We held several meetings and contact on implementation strategy and academic brief with the National Commission for College of Education NCCE, Abuja.

Letter of encouragement was received on the 24th of April, 2008 from the executives secretary of the National Commission for College of Education, Abuja, Nigeria. Professor Junaid Mohammed A resource team from the Federal Government, (NCCE) came to inspect the facilities of the school on the 15th, 16th and 17th of september, 2008. The visit remains historically wonderful as people of Moro, ile-ife turned out greatly to receive the inspection team led by Dr. H.N. Jack Dean, Director of Academic Programmes, other members were Dr. C. Ese Obudu, Mr. Ugwuanyi Chukuma, Mr. Ajao Ayodele, Mr. Obasi and Mr. Dauda Abani.

The story will not be complete if the contribution of the kabiyesi Oba Dr. Abidoye Oyeniyi is left out. The Kabiyesi was contacted for space of land for school development purpose in the year 2006 and the Kabiyesi with the cooperation of some Moro families allowed the proprietor to buy a total of (40) fourty acres space of land for take off campus. In the year 2008, another (20) twenty acres space of land had been provided by the Moro communities to be bought in addition to the former 40 acres to make 60 acres of land with a view to support future expansion of the College of Education and other schools that Dr. Fola Akinosun may wish to establish. All went smoothly with the prayers and support of Olori Olumoro, Olori Irene Abidoye Oyeniyi. To God be the glory.

Dr. Fola Akinosun

Chairman, CEO

Provost (College of Health Technology)